Owner’s Project Manager

As the Owner’s Project Manager, Sakonnet Associates will protect the Owner’s interests and providing advice and consultation for design, value engineering, scope of work, cost estimating, and pre-qualifications for general contractors and subcontractors. We can also consult or negotiate on your behalf with designers and general contractors — to ensure time schedules and control standards are in place, essential for monitoring each stage of the project and for project evaluation. Each project will have a Certified OPM as your representative.

OPM Services

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OPM services


Sakonnet Associates will develop a plan tailored to your specific project for a successful outcome. Our team will follow a systematic and disciplined process to identify and capture all variables that can be managed. Our services are also offered individually for those clients that require less or are interested in specific assistance.

Construction Services

Sakonnet Associates will supervise the orderly execution of a well-conceived Pre-construction Plan to deliver a superior construction project. Our construction managers use Project Management Control Systems to manage and monitor daily activities. We understand our project management role in construction – to lead, monitor and communicate to ensure adherence to the established budget, quality standards and schedule. We are your partner, advocate and trusted advisor throughout the building process.


Sakonnet will assist in the training of the building occupants and staff to operate new systems and technology. We take this opportunity to ensure that your people are happy and are comfortable operating your new facility. It is very important that the equipment is operated and maintained properly to protect warranties. When we leave the project, the building will be in your trained hands.