Construction Management & Design/Build Construction Management

At Sakonnet Associates, Construction Management is a closely monitored, team-centered building process that ensures Owners of the highest quality product, in the least possible time, for the lowest possible cost.

As the Owner’s advocate, Sakonnet Associates assures that a project conforms to the Owner’s quality standards, budget and schedule throughout the entire building process. We can often fast-track high-quality projects and deliver them under budget.

With Sakonnet Associates, Owners, architects, engineers and contractors become a team working toward the same goal, creating the optimal environment for success by deftly blending the interests of each stakeholder to ensure that everyone profits from delivering a quality product on time and under budget. We also deploy proven systems for managing quality, procurement, resources and risks, which is the only way to predictably control project quality, time and cost.

Sakonnet provides Owners with “turn-key” management of the whole construction process, a single source of project information and a proven method to maximize the success of a building, expansion or renovation project.

construction manager builder

Construction Manager-Builder
design build construction manager

Design-Build Construction Manager

Two Models of Construction Management

Sakonnet Associates offers Owners two models of construction management. As your Construction Manager,we work in tandem with the Owner’s architectural team. Sakonnet Associates and the architect report directly to the Owner. As your Design-Build Construction Manager, we provide the Owner a single point of contact for all phases of the project.

Each delivery method shares many common traits, though in the Design-Build model, Sakonnet Associates accepts primary responsibility for all design disciplines, including Civil, Architectural, Structural, Electrical and Mechanical.

Advantages of the Design-Build Construction Management model include:

  • Single point of contact and responsibility
  • Earliest knoweldge of firm cost
  • Most efficient utilization of Owner’s time
  • Risks are allocated to parties best able to manage them
  • Streamlined schedule; design and construction proceed on a parallel track

Sakonnet Associates will suggest the Construction Management model that is most cost and time effective for the Owner. Both delivery systems are Open Book: the Owner receives all in-house cost reports. And both delivery systems come with a Guaranteed Maximum Price for your project.

In addition all Construction Management projects come with a Two-year Warranty exclusive of any material or equipment warranties, Complete Accelerated Depreciation analysis and documentation per IRS Section 179, and Energy Tax Deduction analysis and documentation per IRS Section 179D.

Managing the Entire Building Project for the Owner

(Click on each phase to review the professional services Sakonnet Associates offers.)

building project overview

Preliminary Phase

Sakonnet Associates has the depth of knowledge and relationships to guide the client effectively and efficiently through the preliminary development phase. Sakonnet will prepare a working Proforma early on which the Owner will be able to use for securing financing as well as site selection. With strong relationships with several financial institutions, Sakonnet has the ability to assist the Owner in securing many different loan types.

Site selection is one of the most important steps in developing a project. With wetlands, ledge, demolition debris, and toxic waste to name a few, due diligence is a critical component to selecting the right property. Sakonnet will coordinate all site testing and ledge profiles and work with the site engineer to develop alternate options to building placement and configuration so that instead of removing a certain property from consideration the Owner is presented with as many options as financially feasible.

All projects require approvals and permits although not all projects get theirs at the same time even if they are similar. Sakonnet Associates offers a streamlined 360 degree approach to this process by evaluating which approvals may be obtained concurrently and creating a milestone Permit and Approval Schedule to gauge progress.

Pre-Design Phase

Team development is vital to a successful project. Sakonnet will look towards the individual and corporate strengths of the designers that best fit the needs of the Owner and the Project design and delivery, tailoring a Team of candidates for the Owner to interview that will yield a collaborative and successful design.

Once the Team is in place the Owners requirements are further detailed and development of the project scope is refined with sustainability goals. With the refined information a more detailed budget is developed and the Proforma is updated so that design may proceed.

Cost Influence Relationship

Design Phase

During the design phase of a project, Sakonnet Associates works closely with the architectural and engineering team to ensure the project design meets the Owners needs and resources. The designers provide input regarding the form, function and aesthetic of the facility. We provide cost, availability and constructability feedback to the designers as the design evolves.

Sakonnet Associates conducts a value analysis to determine the payback period for enhanced envelope components, mechanical/electrical systems and interior finish components. A constructability review compares proposed systems to alternate construction systems, methods and designs. The results of these studies often identify less costly alternatives to construction costs — without reducing the project function. In addition, we seek recommendations for “value alternatives” from subcontractors and suppliers.

When the design reaches 75% completion, we will conduct an in-depth cost analysis, including labor costs, material costs, equipment usage, and other key line items.

Pre-Construction Phase

Sakonnet Associates will work closely with the Team members to develop a comprehensive list of bidders for each construction trade. In addition we perform bid package preparation, advertisement, and solicitation if the Owner chooses to open the bidding process and we will coordinate Pre-Bid Meetings, Conferences, and Site Visits. Once the proposals are collected Sakonnet will prepare leveling sheets by trade for the Owners review and sign-off and establishment of the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) is completed along with the Master CPM Project Schedule.

Construction Phase

Professional management is essential to identifying and managing risk during the construction of the facility. During the construction phase, Sakonnet Associates assumes this responsibility on behalf of the Owner.

We coordinate all construction activities, including soliciting prequalified bids on all materials and subcontractor services not completed under the Pre-Construction phase; implementing project safety, enviro-friendly and quality training programs; and coordinating weekly job meetings at the site with the Owner, architect, engineers, suppliers and subcontractors.

We also schedule and monitor all subcontractors for schedule conformance and quality of work, and we ensure timely delivery of materials, especially those that require proper setting and curing periods. On-going project cleanup will be provided to maintain a neat and safe job site.

Sakonnet Associates also maintains a valuable “paper trail” throughout the construction phase, including on-site records of accounting data, purchase orders, subcontracts, shop drawing logs, daily reports and equipment delivery schedules. A complete set of clean Construction Documents is maintained on-site for “As Built Drawings.” They are updated regularly as construction progresses. Accurate, well-kept, as-built drawings will save considerable expense in the future as the building is upgraded or expanded.

When construction is completed, we provide the Owner with a How-To Maintenance Manual for the new, expanded or remodeled facility.


Sakonnet Associates believes that it would be in the Owner’s best interest to consider adopting a fixed fee approach to construction management services.

Fees based on project cost alone can be skewed by the use of materials or methods which may be unusually expensive, but no more complex. A good example would be paving thickness. A standard paving design may call for a 3” thick installation but the owner may request an increase to 5” in anticipation of higher than normal traffic. This request adds nothing to the administrative component of the project, but would be subject to an increased fee under most standard CM Agreements.

By fixing our fee at the start of the project, we separate our financial interest from that of the owner. We can suggest cost-saving alternatives without fear of a corresponding fee reduction. There is also no motive to artificially inflate the cost to secure additional fee compensation.

Our experience has also taught us that a flat, fixed fee is also the most equitable form of compensation. We get paid for what we say we’ll do – deliver a project that meets the Owner’s quality, schedule and budget expectations.

Sakonnet Associates’ fee is determined by considering the complexity of the project, anticipated duration, and the internal resources that will be needed to successfully complete the project.